Print FAQ’S


Can you deliver?

Yes, in fact we would encourage this so that you can benefit from our fast turnarounds.

What are the delivery charges?

There are none, yes that’s right delivery to you or your client is completely FREE within mainland UK. Some exceptions (the usual suspects!) apply.

How long does delivery take?

All our parcels are sent next working day. The usual more remote postcodes can take up to 2 days. Throughout the order process we tell on what day you can expect your delivery. We currently despatch 99.8% of orders on time. However, please remember that courier companies fail to deliver between 2-4% of parcels on time; we suggest using our standard service or upgrading to express+ if your order is time critical. Please remember this depends on the service you choose with us.

My despatch date or delivery date has changed?

If your files are rejected, or we fail to receive your files by 5pm on the day of order, your dates may be moved on. All production turnaround times are based on receiving print ready artwork on time.

Will my order be despatched/arrive together?

Different products have different turnarounds dependent upon the complexity of producing that product, and will be despatched accordingly. Each order is treated separately, so 2 orders of business cards will be despatched as 2 separate orders, and will not be bundled together… Don’t worry though delivery is FREE.

I sell my products onto resellers and don’t want my company names as sender, can this be changed?

Yes, contact us and we can change the senders address to something generic. However, this can’t be done for ad hoc orders and will mean all your orders will be sent out with a generic address: Sending Depot, North, UK

What’s the difference between, Super Saver, Saver, Standard and Express+?

Super Saver, Saver, Standard and Express + are production times. The latter being the fastest turnaround possible. Turnarounds are product specific, the more processes the product goes through the longer it takes. For flyers super saver is 8-10 days, saver is a 4 day turnaround, standard is a 2 day and express+ is a 1 day to despatch. Delivery dates are displayed throughout the ordering process.

What is the online admin area?

Whilst currently still under development, this area allows you to track current and recent orders, see the address each job is going to, upload artwork to specific jobs, change invoice details, change your default artwork & proofing options, view all your quotes and request quotes online. This will be further developed over time.

I have other products not listed on your website that I would like you to print is this possible?

Our website has our most common products available. This is always being updated with new products. If there is something you need that isn’t on our website, please fill in our bespoke quote enquiry form here for a competitive price. Alternatively, if there are products that you regularly order we can add personal products.

I order lots of the same product, can I have a discount?

Our prices are very competitive already! However depending upon volumes and your spend with us it is possible to provide discounts in certain circumstances.

Can I put your products on my website?

Watch this space! We are always developing our systems, and are currently developing a white-label system for your benefit.

What happens if my artwork is wrong?

BeingĀ  printers we expect print ready files to be supplied, files not to our specifications may produce unexpected results, may be rejected and may cause a delay to your job. Our specifications are industry standard and can be found here.

My artwork has been rejected what should I do?

Contact us asap to get this resolved

Can I receive a proof?

You have the option to request a proof in conjunction with our File Checking service for an additional fee. We would recommend that even if you don’t request this for your normal products you add File Checking and proofing for your booklets as due to the many different ways of laying down a booklet, and the added value factor we will send you a low res pdf proof to allow you to double check pagination etc. You will receive your proof by 1pm the next working day after placing your order; you have until 5pm on the proofing day to accept the proof.

Do you print spot colours?

All products on our website are based on full colour (CMYK) printing. Due to investing further in our full colour capabilities, we can no longer offer spot colour printing.

Do you do spot UV?

Watch this space!! For the moment we don’t offer spot uv in house, however we have been sniffing around a new Autobond Spot UV Coating machine. We currently only offer Spot UV on our business cards.

Can you match a colour?

Your job will be ganged together with other customer’s jobs, who order on the same stock. To achieve this we need to use the most advanced printing technologies. We adhere to the industry standard ISO 12647/2 and therefore cannot alter our presses to suit a specific colour required by the client. A designer should always use a pantone to CMYK process colour swatch book (calibrated to the ISO 12647/2 standard) for a true representation of colour.

It is important to note however that colour variation is inherent in the print process. Different stocks, temperatures, and presses means there will never be a perfect match to the colour you have chosen, the question is really what an acceptable tolerance is. Please see our artwork guide for more info.

Do you conform to any colour standards?

We operate well within the tolerances of the ISO 12647/2 standard. We have quality control ‘colour champions’ who are constantly measuring and recording any fluctuations with our presses, paper stocks and other environmental/technical factors that can affect colour consistency. This ensures that our presses are colour matched within the ISO standard.

In addition, all our presses utilise closed loop colour management systems. Rather than relying on densities alone the spectrophotometer automatically reads the printed sheet and collects an array of quality control colorimetric parameters including: delta E, slurring/doubling, dot gain values, and trapping. Any fluctuations in these values are then automatically corrected throughout the print run maintaining colour accuracy.

Why have I been charged a surcharge?

Pay by debit card and the price you see is the price you pay. If you pay by Credit card or paypal we’ll pass on a 2.5% + vat surcharge. We think it is fair that we don’t charge everyone higher prices, only those that cost us more to handle.