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Computer Repairs Service in Ealing, Northfields avenue W13 

We diagnose your computer to find out which of the part needs to be fixed or replaced. If you like us to proceed with the repair, we aim to fix problem at site otherwise, Engineer will bring in to our fully equipped repair lab to fix the problem. You will be keep updated with the progress of your laptop or pc.

We fix all kind of brands, some of the most demanding hardware service is listed below:

Screen Fixcomputer repairs ealing
Faulty Hard Drive
Power Jack Fix
Keyboard Replacement
Power Button Broken
Dim Screen Light
Laptop Dropped
Water Damage
Computer Repairs Ealing


computer repairsA checklist of things to do before you send in your system for computer repairs

Laptops and computers may offer you great benefits in terms of getting things done quickly however, it is, at the end of the day, a gadget and just like all other gadgets, it is at the mercy of several factors that can damage it or slow it down leading you to get it repaired in order to get it functioning like before. However, while you do wish for quick computer/laptop repairs there are some things that you need to s scrutinise and take care of. You need to realise that in a situation like this, your privacy is at stake and that should be taken into consideration. Given below is a checklist of the things that you must tick off of your list to make sure that computer/laptop repairs take place effectively without landing you in too much trouble.

  1. Clear out all easily accessible data:

Essentially, a computer or a laptop is a storehouse of vast kinds of information and along with personal content like photos and videos of family members, your laptop or computer could also contain important business related content that can be misused at any given point of time and therefore, it is important to be very careful and inspect twice to make sure all important and confidential files are either protected by password or backed up on a hard drive or USB drive and deleted from the computer all together.

  1. Take down any unauthorised software that you may have:

Piracy is a crime and a punishable offence however, with the availability of the Internet, it is possible to get access to a wide variety of unauthorised programs that may have been downloaded to your computer without a valid license. Go through every folder on your computer to make sure that you do not have any such programs and files stored and if you do, it would be advisable to have these files deleted before you go for any computer repairs.

  1. Backup files with password information:

Often, for ease in remembering, you may be in the habit of having a notepad file saved just to keep a record of your passwords, credit card information and the CVV number all of which are the ultimate key to your destruction. Therefore, it is wise to have these files backed up and deleted from the computer to avoid any kind of misuse.

  1. Clear your internet history:

You may have done an immense amount of research online and that may have gotten you to different confidential websites of banks and other content that will give a technician an inkling of what you have been doing online. The best way to avoid this is by clearing your browser history before sending the system for computer/laptop repairs.

In today’s technologically advanced world, there is a high possibility that it will be misused and therefore, it is wise to be careful and take corrective measures to save a ton of regret later on.

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