We’ve been printing banners for quite some time now and over the years we’ve seen our standard printed materials used for a multitude of uses that sometimes surprise even us, from strange back drops and corporate hospitality buildings to marquee coverings and car show room displays.

This demonstrates the wide variety of uses for our substrates outside of the normal conventional banner and something we are happy to advise on if you have a specific project and are unsure what material to us

440gsm PVC

The standard and our most popular outdoor banner-grade material

banner440gsm link

Price only £22.50 per sqm

Roller Banners

The market for roller banners is very large and lucrative but a quick look online will illustrate a huge difference in prices and specifications. How do you price your products to make you competitive?banner

Some retailers will show a budget roller banner at around the £50 mark, some with free delivery, how can they do this? Easy, have a look at the graphic panel specification and you will see that they are using standard PVC, change the material used to a lay-flat, light-stop graphic and the price increases significantly. There are a number of problems with using standard PVC; firstly the graphic will not sit flat as shown in their pictures, it will curl quite dramatically on the left and right hand edges. Also, if there is any light behind the unit you will see the shadow of the pole running down the center of the graphic, rendering the unit as good as unusable.

Our roller banners are all printed onto SoFlat Grey-Backed Light-Stop material, whether the unit is a budget Raptor or a premium Frontier. On top of that, we print all our roller banner graphics on our Vutek GS’s which are the large-format equivalent of a Rolls Royce so our print quality is always superb.